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The Sunny Side Yoga Center is focused on cultivating health through the patterns of yoga, gardening and connection to nature.

 We believe that empowered humans can positively affect nature, 

both personal and universal. 

We are firmly rooted in the Finger Lakes watershed,

very close to  Taughannock Falls.     


"May gardens and yoga heal us, so we can heal the Earth and each other." Peter Ott

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Yoga is a game of personal responsibility. We align towards the future and practice the techniques of yoga to tune our bodies and minds.  We get over the past, we climb our mountains, we clean and build our bodies like the magical houses that they are.

We find our center and observe our circumstance.  We use yoga to fit ourselves, and the world. We find awe in our own heroes journey in a body.  

Sean Sunny 4.1.jpg

We believe that a reciprocal connection to the earth is a recipe for a heroic life. We garden to stay connected to life and to create beautiful forms of awe in the world. We believe that everyone is a gardener and that  we are restoring the Earth together, one sphere of influence at a time.  . 

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